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RC Shantel (AHR# 346779)
(Rado x Charleys Angel)

RC Shantel came into my life in the Summer of 1999. I was told she was a rescue and when I purchased her she was about 200 pounds under weight.

Today she has blossomed into a very fun trail horse, that loves to go for a ride. I have riden her all over and have discovered that she is an amazingly fast learner and a trustworthy mount. She is very careful of youngsters and has taught many of them how to ride.

She has the perfect 'live in your tent' personality and loves nothing more than being out with the family.

RC Shantel - Summer of 2002
Shantel picutered the day before we left for Arizona.
Shantel was foaled on May 3, 1985. She is the product of two grey parents Rado (AHR# 217055) and Charleys Angel (AHR# 151503). I have been unable to locate any information on these two horses, but Shantel is the only registered pure bred offspring of both horses. Rado and Charleys Angel are maternal siblings out of the Royal Storm (AHR# 12017) daughter Desert Coy (AHR#34968)

Shantel is a compact mare, standing only 14.2 hands. However she caries herself very well and gives the impression of being a taller horse.

Click here to see RC Shantel's bloodlines.

Percentages for RC Shantel (AHR# 346779)
Prepared by Eva Dano

Crabbet/Blunt = 75.9277%
GSB (incl. Crabbet) = 78.418%
Davenports = 17.1875%
Polish = 16.6016%
Egyptian = 42.6422%
WK Kellogg = 60.1563%
CMK = 100%
Abbas Pasha Source = 32.5516%
Doyle = 1.5625%
WR Brown = 24.2188%
Old Babolna = .622557%
Old German (Weil) = .976562%
North American Desert Source = 20.0195%
Early American Foundation (vol V) = 100%
American (thru vol VIII) = 100%
American Foundation (thru vol X) = 100%
American (thru vol XV) = 100%
El Emir = .097654%
Mesaoud = 18.2007%
Ghazala = 2.63672%
Image = .390625%
Raffles = 6.64063%
Skowronek = 15.0391%

Skowronek/Ibrahim sire line, *Nejdme dam line. A pure-in-strain Kuhaylan 'Ajuz.

Eva Dano - Arabian pedigrees

RC Shantel - March 2002

RC Shatel - Winter Evening 2002
This is a perfect example of the 'problem' Shantel's personality poses when trying to photograph her. I feel very fortunate that this picture came out as well as it did.

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